Wealth Management Qualification Level 5 Programmes

The FAIS Fit and Proper regulations have introduced important regulatory examination requirements under the direction and management of the Financial Services Board in addition to the requirement of a relevant qualification. This Wealth Management qualification is regarded as relevant by the FSB.

IHRM offers the unit standards based wealth management qualification split over two programmes – the risk skills programme and the healthcare skills programme. Scroll down for the details and registration forms for each of these programmes.

These programmes are targeted towards healthcare brokers, medical scheme fund managers, medical scheme principal officers and trustees, and people working in the medical scheme administration environment.

Each programme consists of four days of facilitation, an assignment and a written exam.

This Wealth Management Quailification will soon be replaced by a Occupational Qualification: Financial Advisor. We will only accept registrations to the Wealth Management qualification until 15 November 2019.

Details for training on the new qualification are not yet available.

Wealth Management Healthcare Module

This programme consists of the following unit standards

242582 - Analyse the implications of the South African Government's National Health Policy and the potential impact on medical schemes Credits 10

242575 - Conduct an in depth investigation into the current healthcare sector in South Africa using published data Credits 8

242616 - Objectively evaluate the criteria that materially affect the performance of a medical scheme and its administration Credits 10

242567 - Analyse the product design/structure of different medical schemes to evaluate the benefits of each scheme Credits 5

242568 - Apply knowledge and insight of the medical scheme environment to evaluate risk in a selected medical scheme Credits 4

242579 - Analyse the implications of current and/or proposed reform for the Retirement Fund / Medical Scheme sub-sector in order to formulate a possible response Credits 3

242565 – Manage costs in a specific case with due regard for quality Credits 2

242594 - Apply knowledge of the different asset classes in order to give financial advice Credits 4

Facilitation – four days

Portfolio of evidence completion (assignment) – six weeks

Exam – three hours once a competent portfolio has been achieved

Class of Business Training will be achieved on successful completion for medical scheme brokers

 2020 Training Programmes:

11 to 14 february 2020  Download registration form

9 to 12 June 2020  Download registration form

Wealth Management Risk Module

Unit Standards Total 75 credits

242580 - Apply scenario planning to explain potential risk in a specified financial services context Credits 6

242573 - Determine the needs and wants of an entity in order to propose an appropriate financial solution Credits 4

242601 - Apply a researched trend to individual financial risk Credits 5

242554 Research information in order to assist in conducting a financial risk assessment Credits 7

230071 - Apply basic economic principles to the financial services sector Credits 5

120075 - Demonstrate insight into current affairs in the Financial Services sector Credits 10

230075 - Demonstrate knowledge and insight into the changing nature of the financial services industry and its consumers Credits 6

119997 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of risk in a Financial Services environment Credits 5

230077 - Describe the financial life cycle of an individual and how this influences financial decisions Credits 8

230070 - Present an informed argument on a current issue in a business sector redits 5

242574 - Present a proposal to optimize the tax aspects of the wealth management of an entity Credits 4

230078 - Apply the principles of ethics to a business environment Credits 10

Facilitation – four days

Portfolio of evidence completion (assignment) – six weeks

Exam – three hours once a competent portfolio has been achieved

The programmes are demanding and requires learners to commit to many hours of study to make the most of this experience and translating it into success.

2020 Training Programmes:

25 to 28 February 2020  Download registration form

23 to 26 June 2020  Download registration form

Entry criteria

Matric certificate

Customised course for employee benefits and long-term insurance


Training Date: 2/26/2019

Date: 2/13/2018