9 June 2019

NHI is a funding model masquerading as a delivery system

Business Day 4 June 2019 – Insurance will not solve the other problems facing healthcare such as infrastructure, scarce management and the attitudes of health professionals

NHI is not a strategy or a health structure. Far from that. It is actually only a funding system in which money for healthcare is centrally managed — not the process or quality of care. The NHI is one way to fund universal health coverage. It uses (mainly) tax money to fund healthcare for all and the taxpayer is therefore mainly responsible for footing the bill. It also, in the SA guise, may reduce the ability of the individual to continue to pay for non-NHI benefits in a medical scheme. This is likely to be unappetising for many taxpayers and voters. Deeper, pragmatic modelling of care systems on the ground, concerted implementation of such good planning, infrastructure, care system logistics, supply of consumables to meet demand and prevent outages, staffing and good leadership and management skills (including financial planning and management skills) are needed. For the article click here

RH Bophelo filling gap in health market

Sunday Times 9 June 2019 – The group’s model is based on hospitals with their own medical aid

Asief Mohamed, chief investment officer at Aeon Investment Management, said a hospital having its own medical aid could be a way of growing the number of days people spend in hospitals, which is one of the challenges that hospital groups in SA are facing. For the article click here

Medical device industry opposes Discovery Health’s mooted fees

Business Day 6 June 2019 - Discovery Health intends to start charging companies from the beginning of July for its evaluations of whether their devices are worth paying for

In a letter seen by Business Day, the SA Medical Technology Industry Association (Samed) indicated that Discovery Health intends to start charging companies from the beginning of July for its evaluations of whether their devices are worth paying for. It plans to charge R98,000 for each assessment. For the article click here

Code of conduct for health inspectors gazetted

Medical Brief 5 June 2019 - The Office of Health Standards Compliance has gazetted a code of conduct for the inspectors of public and private health care facilities.

According to the new code, among other things inspectors are required to ‘restore’ the credibility of South Africa’s health care services by protecting the interests of those using them, as well as their health and safety, notes Pam Saxby for Legalbrief Policy Watch. For the article click here

Chronic diseases and their impact on the economy

BizCommunity 5 June 2019 - By 2030, the proportion of total global deaths due to chronic lifestyle diseases is expected to increase to 70% and the global burden of disease to 56%.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Africa will have the world’s largest increase in NCD deaths over the next decade. These diseases not only place a considerable economic burden on health services, also driving up the cost of life-saving medication, but negatively impact the country’s economic growth prospects. For the article click here

SA’s new health minister is the ‘master of survival

Medical Brief 5 June 2019 - Dr Aaron Motsoaledi leaves the national Health Department after 10 years, with the last few years marred by major failures in public health

Observers say the appointment of ‘master of survival’ Dr Zweli Mkhize as the new Minister of Health indicates a new prioritising of the portfolio. But some fear that Mkhize’s appointment could curtail women’s access to comprehensive healthcare even more. Dr Joe Phaahla retains his position as the deputy minister of health. For the article click here

Dietitians do much more than you think

BizCommunity 4 June 2019 - The careers of dietitians are way more diverse than many think. 

Dietitians are employed across private practice and public healthcare; academia and research; corporate, government and non-government sectors. While they all have the expertise to deal with weight loss and weight management, which can be critical health issues, their expertise in science-based nutrition means that they work far more widely on a myriad of nutrition-related issues. For the article click here

Fungi take the fight against malaria to mosquitoes

Business Day 4 June 2019 – n 2017, 219-million people were infected with malaria and an estimated 435,000 died.

The mortality rate is because mosquitoes are evolving resistance to insecticides. This realization has led scientists to a new strategy for fighting malaria: infect and kill disease-transmitting mosquitoes using fungal pathogens that they encounter in nature. For the article click here

Drone to deliver life-saving blood

BizCommunity 3 June 2019 - The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) and Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) intend to save more lives by using drone technology to deliver blood to hospitals in remote areas.

The Tron unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a highly specialised aircraft capable of vertically taking off and landing, which can transport blood much faster and more efficiently than ever before. According to the SANBS, the drone will be a South African first, complementing the existing logistics infrastructure. For the article click here

SU researchers study resistance to 'protect' new TB drug

BizCommunity 3 June 2019 - Scientists from Stellenbosch University (SU), in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians, are working on how Mycobacterium tuberculosis can develop resistance to Bedaquiline.

Bedaquiline is the first new anti-tuberculosis drug to be developed in four decades. Their findings will be used to inform tuberculosis treatment guidelines to ensure that the right combination of anti-tuberculosis drugs are used along with Bedaquiline in order to optimise patient treatment outcomes, while minimising the risk of developing resistance to the drug.  For the article click here

Publication date: 6/10/2019