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The Institute of Health Risk Managers is an independent training provider specialising in the healthcare industry. The South African healthcare system consists of a public and a private sector. Each sector has the same basic elements – patients, doctors and other healthcare providers and funders. The relationship between each of these players differs for each of the sectors. However, the goal is the same – good patient outcomes with limited resources. The dynamic and evolutionary nature of the healthcare industry, brought about by the increased demand for limited health care resources within the constraints of government’s goal of universal access to quality healthcare for all its citizens has changed the landscape significantly.

Our training, seminars, workshops and weekly news updates are designed to meet the knowledge, skills and industry updates for all working in healthcare. We encourage participation and interaction amongst funders and providers at our events with the aim of achieving better understanding of each other's needs and to achieve the goal of improved patient outcomes within an environment of limited funding. As South Africa progresses on the journey of healthcare reforms the challenge to medical schemes and administrators is to become the most efficient in the industry. Skilling employees has become a business imperative.


Two-day Prescribed Minimum Benefit Training - Interpretation and Application as per the Medical Schemes Act

Johannesburg on 18 and 19 July 2019

Cape Town on 30 and 31 July 2019

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Our online Class of Business training will now earn you 14 CPD points for brokers.

We have added 2 new online CPD programmes

  1. Tax implications for medical expenses
  2. Highlights of the Council for Medical Schemes Annual Report 2017/18